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Photo retouching services provided by Clipping Expert Asia meets the photographer demands to edit their photo perfectly.

Clipping Expert Asia provides photo retouching service for photographers including product photo retouch, newborn photo editing, wedding retouching, portrait retouching etc have been done by following step by the step editing process.

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Categories of photo retouching services

Face and portrait retouching

portrait retouching service

There is a lot of imperfection on the human face like acne, blemishes, spots. Our professional retouching team removes that imperfection by providing face and portrait retouching service. This service includes skin retouching, teeth retouching, hair retouching etc.

Glamour retouching

glamour photo retouching services

When the original retouching task can’t meet your client’s satisfaction, then we are providing you with the best retouching service which known as glamour retouching. This service includes body slimming, model retouching, and more.

Photography retouching

photography retouching

Clipping Expert Asia provides high-quality photography post-production service. The services we offer including wedding photo retouching, fashion photo retouching, stock photography retouching, and product photo retouching service

High-end retouching

high-end retouching

High-end retouching is very demandable photo editing work. It makes the portrait photo sophisticated and the effects it creates need to seem real and natural. We have an expert photo retouching team which has more than 10 years of working experience in retouching.

Who needs photo retouching services?

  • Weeding photographer
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Online store
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Background remove: Photo post-processing method

Background remove: Photo post-processing method

background remove-clippingexpertasia 7

Do you know what is photo post-processing method?

Photo post-processing method includes a couple of works such as remove the background, color correction, adjust the brightness etc to edit the image in photo editing tools like Photoshop. Photo post-processing method is very crucial to make an image sophisticated. Many imperfections may find in a photo background which can make a great photo blur. Background remove is a kind of photo editing process used by Photoshop tools to eliminate the unwanted objects from the image.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you the photo post-processing method: background remove. I have used the Photoshop pen tool to remove the background from an image. There are also many useful tools in Photoshop to remove the background such as the magic wand tool, the background eraser tool etc.

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Let see the step by step guideline to remove the background by using the Photoshop pen tool.

Remove Background using the Photoshop Pen tool

Photoshop pen tool is an essential tool to remove the background from an image. You can check this link to remove background using Photoshop tools.

Open an image in Photoshop

The first process you need to follow is opening an image you want to remove the background in Photoshop. So, run a photo in Photoshop in order to speed up the process. You can open an image in Photoshop by following two ways.

  1. Go to the File> Open
  2. Select the image and drag it to Photoshop for running the image in Photoshop.

Select the Pen tool and make a selection around the image objects

The second process you need to follow is choosing the Photoshop pen tool. So, select the pen tool from the toolbar menu. You can find the toolbar menu on the left side of the screen.

Now, simply do path around the image area you wish to remove. Using the pen tool is the best option to draw an accurate path around the image.

The process of removing background

You need to make an accurate path around the image objects. After making a perfect path, make a selection by holding down Ctrl + A + Enter. Then, deselect the selection. And finally, press on the delete button to remove the background.

It is very simple to remove the background by following the above guideline step by step.


Follow the above guideline step by step and easily remove the unwanted objects from an image.


Top 3 tools to remove light and shadow in Photoshop

remove highlight and shadow

Top 3 tools to remove light and shadow in Photoshop

Want to use your favorite photo as a texture? But the lighting of the photo is not perfect or the shadow is not well to make it sophisticated. Here, the content I provide will help you to make your photo pop up.

Many photographers or artist go outside and take a camera with them to fill up their gallery with an abundance of the sophisticated photo. After shooting a photo, there has a lot of imperfection such as unwanted and unnecessary light and shadow which can make the photo inconspicuous. So, they need to go through post-processing to get rid of undesirable light and shadow from an image.

In this case, Photoshop can help you to fix up the problem. Photoshop is an inevitable tool for the photo editing process. You can use a number of tools to remove shadow and light. In this article, I will introduce you with 3 tools that help you to speed up your editing process and save an abundance of time.

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Eliminate unwanted light and shadow in Photoshop

#1. Content-Aware Patch

You can find this tool next to the brush tool in Photoshop CS6. It would be your best choice to select the patch tool to remove highlight and shadow from your image.

Select the Content-Aware Patch tool and make a rough selection around the areas which have highlight and shadow. Then, use the cursor to move the selection to the areas that work best as a replacement.

#2. Content-Aware Move

First, open an image in Photoshop that has unnecessary light and shadow you wish to remove. Then make a selection around the area you want to eliminate. Use the magic wand tool or the quick selection tool to make a selection around the shadow areas. Then, choose the marquee tool and move the selection to the area of the image that blends with it perfectly.

Next, use the content aware move tool to move the areas over to the shadow and highlight area.

#3. Healing brush and Clone stump

The healing brush and the clone stamp tool help us a lot to remove the shadow from an image. Choose the clone stamp tool and paint out the area which has an unnecessary shadow. You can also use the quick selection tool instead of the clone stamp tool to remove the shadow areas. Then, go to Image > Adjustment > Lighten and use the light until it blends with. Finally, use the healing brush tool to get the best result.


An unnecessary and undesirable shadow can ruin the quality of your image. The above 3 tools help you to make your image eye-catching and sophisticated by removing distracting objects such as shadow and light.


How to crop photos in Photoshop

How to crop photos in Photoshop

Cropping Photo is one of the most essential and necessary photo editing skills. A hypocritical skyline or something deludes on the image can damage the quality of a great image.

In this article, I am going to discuss how to crop photos in Photoshop. To be a photo cropping geek, follow the below guideline step by step.

If you can’t do this, leave it for us. We have an expert team to do all kinds of photo editing work.

In this article, I discuss the use of the two tools which help to crop photos. They are:

  1. Crop tool
  2. Straighten tool

Use the Crop tool

Using the crop tool for cropping image is an effective method to crop photos. Select the crop tool from the toolbar menu. You can also select it by tapping C on the keyboard. After selecting the crop tool, you will see the change of your image on the screen.

You can see the dotted line which represents the new crop. You have two ways to fix it up. First, you may use the cursor to pull a new crop area around the image you want.

Second, you can zoom in the image from any area and handle it for adjusting the crop. If you tap and hold the Alt key, the opposite handle will move. And it is the most precise option to get the best output.

To keep the aspect of the image, you can choose the ratio from the top left window. To keep the ratio same to the original ratio, hold the shift key when you drag.  You can also change the ratio from the ratio drop-down menu.

You can also use the ratio on your suit will.

To change the two values, click on the double arrow. You can also reset the ratio by clicking on Clear. For rotating the cropped image, click on the outside of the crop boundary. To move the crop, click inside on the crop boundary.

Before finishing, look at the top menu bar on the window. You can see some option.

You shouldn’t check the delete cropped pixels. If you checked this, the cropped image outside of the boundary is deleted. This means you can’t crop the image later. So, it is better to uncheck it.

Photoshop will automatically fill the blank if you checked the content-aware. I recommend you not to rely on it.

Use the Straighten tool

The straighten tool also helps us to crop an image effectively. For this, click on the straighten tool by selecting the crop tool. Then, click on the image and drag the cursor so Photoshop will take the line into a new horizon.

If you satisfied with the result, press on enter to put it.

Here, the final result we get with the help of the Straighten tool.


Photoshop is a useful tool which used for multiple purposes. One of them cropping photos in Photoshop is another important part which makes the photo eye-catching. With the help of the above guideline, we can easily crop photos in Photoshop successfully.

Either of the two processes for cropping photos which one is working best? Feel free to say us. We would love to hear from you. Let us know about this and leave a comment in the comment section.

Layer Style|| Add a long shadow text effect in Photoshop

It will be worthless or vague to describe the usefulness of Photoshop in words. Photoshop has become a fundamental tool in our everyday life. Like a photo editor, I can’t think a single day without it. Now, come to the points. In this article, I am going to discuss the use of layer styles and how it can help us to add a long shadow text effect in Photoshop.  Let’s have a close eye to the below guidelines step by step for creating a long shadow text effect.

How to add a long shadow text effect in Photoshop

Step 1

Choose a new document and select the type tool for placing the text on the canvas. In this tutorial, I have selected 800 pixels by 600 pixels as my document.

Step 2

In this step, I open the layer style panel and from the panel I select Drop shadow to the text layer. The sitting will be seen like the below screenshot. It’s your choice which color you take for the shadow. In this tutorial, I choose dark blue.

Step 3

Now, create a duplicate layer of the drop shadow. It is effortless to create it, just click on the plus icon of the drop shadow. It will be creating a duplicate drop shadow automatically. Then, choose the new styles from the Layer style and adjust the Distance property. This time set the distance a little bit further away than the first one. Not: According to the document I used 5 pixels.

Here the result after making a duplicate of the drop shadow.

Step 4

Keep on creating new Drop shadow and changing the distance property only. But be careful to get the spacing. If you get loose spacing, it will play a negative impact on your shadow.

Step 5

Before going to next, choose the Stroke from the layer style. We need to make sure the same color as the drop shadow.

Step 6

In this step, I add more length to the Drop shadow. We added all the drop shadows as a single layer allowed by Photoshop. You can also use the Layer Group to access more drop shadows. Now, you need to place the text layer into the layer group.

Step 7

In the layer group, we need to add a drop shadow. In this step, I adjust some settings to match the color and style of the former drop shadows. Now, you can see the result seem to double.

Step 8

Keep on adding new drop shadows to the layer group until you get the best effect. When you satisfied with the result, stop to do it.

Here the final image:


To add a long shadow text effect is not a difficult one. Follow the above guideline step by step for creating a long shadow text effect.

Do you have any question about this guideline? Let me know. I would love to hear from you.

How to create channel mask in Photoshop CS6

create channel mask

How to create a channel mask in Photoshop CS6

Probably the most time-consuming thing to use in Photoshop is Channel Masking as we need a lot of manual labor. But it’s not so heavy work if you try according to our guidelines.

Channel masking of Photoshop CS6 is very helpful to get accurate selection inside of hair, fur, and other elements. You get the best result than other Photoshop tools. A lot of ways is available for creating a channel mask. You can follow any way you wish. But in below we are providing the best way which works most of the time to create it. Let see the processes we follow to create channel mask effectively.

Step 1. Analyze your existing channel for finding a suitable candidate to use to create a duplicate channel.

It is the channel which has the most contrast between what you want or not.  This process allows you to make masking in your subject. Then, create a duplicate channel. For this, drag the channel thumbnail you desired to new channel icon. You found the channel icon at the bottom of the right side of your screen and named the copy. When you create a duplicate channel, it inverts to the alpha channel.

Step 2. Select the alpha channel and go to Image> adjustments> levels.


First, check you select the alpha channel. Then go to Image> adjustment > levels.

level details

Now, a dialog box will pop up like the above box. From the dialog box, use histogram and sliders. You can increase or decrease the contrast from this box. After finishing, click ok to close the dialog box.

Step 3.

Select brush tool or Eraser tool you wish. Paint and edit the alpha channel for refining the mask. Then, set block mode for blocking the brush and eraser tool to clean the mask.

Step 4

After completing the mask, click on the load channel from the channel panel which you found at the bottom of the screen. Then, you should click on the composite channel.

This option helps you to load your masking and give you the best outline selection. You can do this by using the shortcut form. The shortcut is to hold the ctrl and click on the alpha channel.

You need to assure that the marquee selection is surrounding around the selection you want. Now, the selection is ready to go.

Step 5

By the help of move tool, you can drag it or drop it onto another image. And finally, the job is complete.

If you feel a bit nervous or have not much more time, you can leave it for us to get high-quality image masking service.

How to photograph a necklace

How to photograph a necklace

Jewelry is the most given present all around the world during Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. And the necklace is taken the first place when it comes to gift someone. Almost all the consumers want to add emotion when they wear it. It is more difficult for the retailers when they take a shot such kind of product especially when it comes to Necklace. Retailers need to add value and emotion on the necklace they exhibit or present. Only the photography work can add value. In this content, I am going to show you some tips about how to photograph a necklace. So, spend some time reading this blog and increase your experience in jewelry photography.

Choose white and black backgrounds depending on your necklace quality

Black backgroundwhite background

In e-commerce business, black and white backgrounds are the most preferable backgrounds. Almost all the professional retailer gives priority white background than black. A white background is famous for its powers of removing any distracting object from the image. People also use the black background when needs to add light toned on the product to establish shadow dramatically.

You need to choose the right background to depend on the quality of your product. As an online retailer of jewelry product especially when it comes about a necklace, notice that any kind of distracting can’t affect your product.  Then, get ready for taking a shot. Try to choose white backgrounds for getting the best result.

The white background has lots of advantages. For example, well known online marketplace such as Amazon and eBay gives priority the white background. It helps online retailers to add professional look on their product. Plus, it also very helpful for online consumers to get better shopping experience without touching the product physically.

Be careful when you choose a black background or another colored background. Such kinds of background may be able to intervene with the reflection of the gemstones. And it creates a negative sense in the mind of the consumers when they see the delivery product and photograph product is not match.

Show details of the necklace using various types of angle

Use various types of angle to show the versatility of your images for a certain product. From various angles, show the details of the necklace. In this way, your customer will be getting a better shopping experience. They will visualize how it looks when they wear the product. Plus, various angles show the creative power of you in this field. So, use a lot of images for a specific product with various types of angle.


Photograph a necklace is not an easy task. But you make the difficult task easy by following our above guidelines step by step. So, follow our guidelines and get sophisticated shot. You can also visit our site to get more ideas about it.

5 Important Jewelry Photography tips

tips for jewelry photographyThe users of social media are increasing rapidly day by day. At present, nearly 2.62 billion people are using social media around the earth. Social media do not only offer us to communicate with our friends but also make opportunities to run or advertise any kind of business. With the help of social media, anyone can promote his business effectively. It is the truth that the users of social media increasing rapidly. But it helps to continue to provide profitable results in branding, sales and increase traffic.

Visual content always the top choices of the business to post on social media for attracting consumers. For jewelry business, a high-quality image can easily lure the users and attracts them. On social media, you can easily promote your business if you meet the demands of your client. So, make your product image more beautiful and more incredible. In this content, I am going to provide you with 5 important jewelry photography tips for social media. So, take a cup of coffee and keep reading.

Practice the rule of thirds

rules of third eyes- tips for jewelry photographyThe rule of thirds, the basic requirement in Photography for social media which allows you to frame your wants for your shot. It helps you to break down your jewelry image into third vertically. This process helps the viewer to focus on the product subject and they can easily interact with the image.

You can follow this rule easily by focusing on your camera LCD. Before taking a shot, make the grid in your mind and press the button. This helps you to get more eye-catching and more beautiful image.

Explore the variety of angles

explore anglesTake your camera and play with it when you capture the product image. Try to shot your image from a different angle. It helps you to get more animated product image. And you obviously know that a photo worth more than thousands of word. Product images tell a story about you and your business. So, never use the same style and the same angle, it makes your consumers boring as they already know about your story. So, be innovative and reanimated your product image by exploring a variety of angles. It will help you to bring your business next level.

Background and context are key elements you shouldn’t miss

Choosing a background may help to make or break your brand. Over creativity creates negative impacts on your product image. So, don’t be over creative and use appropriate background depends on your jewelry product. Choose a background that could provide the right message about your product.

A white background is commonly used by almost all the product photographer. Also, there are many reasons behind of using the white background. White background helps to remove any kind of distracting from the image.

If you feel tired to use a white background, it is the time for you to be more creative and innovative. You can use various types of background. They are texture, colored, printed, patterned, indoor, and outdoor.

Moreover, bring life into your product image by using context image. It helps you to make your image more desirable and helps your consumer to visualize how the product looks if they wear it. Also, context image adds emotion in a picture. And obviously, people like to scroll those images which have emotion on it.

Think out of the box before you crop

A lot of reason is behind the image cropping. One of them, cropping helps to remove any imperfection from an image. But do you ever feel it creatively why crop image?

Many people avoid the beauty which comes out of the box. Image cropping helps to make your subject more inspiring, creative and animated. So, use it creatively that brings your jewelry image next level.

Promote your product image on social media

product on social mediaYou obviously know that it takes many times for doing jewelry photography. So, never waste your time without any reason. Take every opportunity you get and spread your jewelry image on social media. Choose suitable social media platforms and upload your image.


Jewelry photography is very crucial for those who want to sell their product on the internet. The above guideline helps you a lot how to take jewelry product image and make it suitable for social media. So, follow our provided tips and try to act according to the guideline if you want.


Choosing a Clipping Path Company One It’s Finest

Clipping Path Company

Making clipping path in Adobe Photoshop will give an idea of how artistically and how a person gives the photo to look more creative and artistic and an eye catchy. Photos that could be histrionic and vividness on its presence. One thing that could perhaps be done is when you use the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. Maybe some people know what is pen tool in Adobe Photoshop but for some people who didn’t know, it generally means to cut off any part of an item or knocking off the background of the photo with a clipping path around the photo. You can separate, wipe a selected field you want to outline of the photo using the powerful Adobe Photoshop pen tool.

Clipping Path Tutorials


Decoration below will show you how powerful the Adobe Photoshop pen tool.

  1. Prefer pen tool from the tool palette.
  2. Make a path until it around the whole object.
  3. Load the path by click the Path Palette.
  4. Copy the layer while the paths are loaded or press Ctrl J (windows) Cmd J (Mac).

Now, you can grab your object and put it anywhere you like with the transparent background.

These things all could be done more if you have a clipping path company on its finest. A 24/7 service offered and fast turn around with quality and assurance to commend your expectation. Providers whose capacity to perform and deliver the output at an exact turn around time with a fantastic high-quality standard. Giving you the idea of how finest as it is. Excellence on its standard as a fight to deliver maximum outline perfection. A clipping path company that is leading in well experienced originative graphic designers and artists. Using Adobe Photoshop pen tool to ensure the highest and good quality clipping path and photo masking results can be provided.


In choosing a clipping path company make ensure a top quality standard is hit your expectation. A company that has a grandiose experience in graphic design and could create sure that all of your necessary and instructions were relevant for your satisfaction. A 24/7 customer support representatives dedicated to working with you and answering any questions you may have regarding the services or your project as the outcome. A company that can maintain and process a large volume of images and can serve you and entertains you on time. When it comes to top quality standard, 24 hours turn around, most competitive prices, fast and reliable and can reduce your production cost, Point Mask is your graphics clipping path company, image masking, and outlining solutions.

Thank you.

Clipping path service

To see the photo best and offer the best background removal services, we use pen tools in photo editing. We use it in design, Photoshop, and illustrator to assure that we give you a job that is well done. If you want your photos cut from the background, we make use of the background removal services to give you absolutely what you are looking for. We also use pen tool techniques to edit your photos as well as preparing for an outline.



The photo industry is growing at an alarming rate and rapidly. So if you are precisely in this business, the only way you will be capable to out-compete your competitors is by having deep etching service that creates your work look fully unique. We offer these services to a big range of people including advertising agencies, graphic design companies, cataloger design companies, website design houses and so on. If you want to have an absolute background removed, want to carry out photo manipulation, do your photo editing and photo manipulation and you can believe OCP  for excellent services.

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You will be getting the following benefits for working with OCP.

  • The best price in the market which starts at $ 0.29 only.
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  • 3 steps to quality control.
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  • Our maximum turnaround time 24 hours.
  • We are able of doing 5000-10000 Clipping Path a day.
  • Special price offer for a bulk photo.
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Photo Editing Service and Manipulation

A huge photo takes a lot of space in the reminiscence of your PC. If you want to move the photo it is still again a bit intricate due to the huge size of the photo. The traffic is pretentious as the huge photo will entail a larger bandwidth and hence be time-consuming. By using Photo editing services you will slice the bigger photos. This service not only will optimize your photos, but also preserve the required equilibrium between volume and speed.


If the volume of the photo is diminutive it will take little space of the memory and hence in the equivalent space which was earlier gained by a single file can now be disseminated among the other files. The little file will take a little amount of bandwidth while the transfer of the file takes place and thus dipping the traffic. By using Photo editing services you can slice the photo that will permit you to generate the rollovers within the larger photo. As it involves substitution of the photos rollover is not probable with the larger photos.

The photos take us down the memory lane and always make sure a big smile on our face at whatever time we have a quick look of it and admire our near and dear ones in the picture or at times even our personality. Time is an imperative factor and photographs tend to withstand with the transitory of time.


A Digital camera provides us with an appropriate resolution of the image but still due to inappropriate background or due to ordinary reasons like poor light conditions, weather condition etc. one does not get the preferred outcome. Image editing services are used to augment the digital photography and the image perpetually comes out looking improved yet totally diverse.


Photoshop in Clipping Path and Graphics

Day by day Photoshop business is overgrowing. Growing your business may need that you mix some activities. If your business is online based so photo processing should be required. Photo processing can be used to optimize your photos. This will help you to grow your business quickly. If you are running an eCommerce, your web page requires to be optimizing as well. This will where you require to contract photo processing and editing experts. You also require to partner with a well-trusted photo-editing firm who can help you optimize your photos.clipping-path1

If you are running an online shopping house, a fashion unit, a modeling outfit, a magazine company and a photo studio, you may require to assess graphic design services. If you do not have a graphic design studio of your own , you may have to partner with a friend who is running a graphic design house shop where you will access services such as photo manipulation, photo masking, photo retouching, glamour retouching, clipping paths, neck joint, photo color correction, logo design as well as raster vector services.

Clipping path service also requires if you want photos to use in marketing. This may be handmade using Adobe Photoshop tools. For this reason, pen tools can be used to make a layer or multiple of layers whose background you may want removes or changed.


Creating  a Photoshop Clipping path

If you have a picture that you wish to make use of still you do not want it demolished after use, Photoshop clipping path will help you to designate the transparent areas you would wish to use. Then you will use a clipping path to separate some parts of the photos and have the transparent parts placed in a page layout for possible isolation. The background of the photo can be mapped out so that it is clipped.

You can also map the field of the photo by drawing a path around it. You can use a pen, a pencil, a lasso or a marquee to draw a path to make it visible.

Then, you can go to the menu bar and click on the path. This will take you to path palette where you will click on the push out the menu. Once you are on this menu, you may require to choose to make work path. You also have to choose a tolerance number that is fit for your photos. Once you have clicked on ok, the path pullout menu may be shown. At this point, you require to click on the same path and you will be done.

Possibly, you can start by clicking on the path push out menu where you can prefer a clipping path option and select the path you want to be saved. You may have to prefer the right flatness values that can give you a fit resolution. Choosing low flatness values will give you the right lines which you can use to draw precise curves.  The flatness values range from 0.2 to 100 then you need to prefer values that will give you printable resolutions. As a guideline, a value of eight to ten could be perfect.